June 06, 2020 3 min read

COVID 19 or Coronavirus is proving devastating for various sectors, including the beauty industry. While the beauty stores and salons are closed due to the lockdown, the production and import/export of the cosmetics has hit a new low. 

Many spas, parlours and wellness businesses are struggling to survive amid the uncertainty over COVID 19. Customers, on the other hand, are not able to get in-parlour treatments and their favourite beauty products.  

But this crisis has led to some key beauty industry trends that can shape up in terms of production, marketing and sales.  

Or you can say these trends will change the beauty landscape forever.  

And here we have rounded up such trends that are going to take over the beauty industry.  

The Rise of Protective Personal Care: 

Coronavirus has made consumers more conscious of their hygiene and safety than before. No wonder why they’ve started to prefer protective personal care products. For example, they might invest in the products including antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil, witch hazel and coconut oil.  

Even some nail polish brands claim to have antibacterial properties like tea tree oil to prevent common fungal infection.  

For manufacturers, it is a great opportunity to create beauty products that can also ensure protection from germs and viruses.  

Many brands are also running the health and Covid-19 safety campaigns to promote the wellbeing of their customers.  

Online Consultation will be the New Norm:

The shuttering of many beauty shops and stores has triggered the necessity of at-home beauty treatments. 

This is also beneficial for customers who don’t prefer buying cosmetics online as they are likely to test them first.  

Beauty brands can offer online consultation services through chatbots and virtual reality. From guiding the customers on certain beauty products, educating them on the use of products to guiding them which can complement their skin tone, the online consultation can be useful for the customers. This way, customers can get a consultation from the comfort of their place.  

It is also an opportunity for the brick and mortar stores to make up for their losses.  

Ever-Increasing Inclination towards DIY Practices: 

Many salons, spa and parlours brands have started tutorial videos to help customers choose the right products as well as how to apply them at home. 

For example, a professional can guide you on how to do hair dyes, manicures and hair removal at home. Some brands : Yumi, have also launched their kits : brows lamination, lash lifting that are being sold like a hot cake. Haircare brand Madison Reed has experienced an overwhelming rise of 750% in the sale of its “at-home” care colouring kits since the outbreak.  

Safe Packaging Can Be a Trend: 

With people getting conscious about their hygiene, immunity and cleanliness, the prevention of germs and viruses is surging the demand for safer products.  

Beauty products that come in “anti-bacterial” sort of packaging and ensure protection against contamination can win over more customers.  

Moreover, the beauty brands can convince customers by using touch-less formats such as stick and spray setup and guide them on the cleaning of cosmetic products.  

Bottom Line: 

So these are some key trends that can shape up the beauty industry amid coronavirus. They are likely to further accelerate throughout this period. 

Some of these new practices like online consultation are important to ensure the safety and prevention of the virus. Although uncertain time has fallen upon the world, we are likely to find new ways to stay connected with the industry and its products. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below! Stay safe! 

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