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Welcome to Pro Beauty Group! We are very happy to have you and to be working with you. We would like to introduce ourselves and what exactly our vision is to help grow the beauty industry in the Middle East.


Who are we?

Pro Beauty Group, (PBG), was established as a beauty supplier in Dubai in 2016 with the goal to bring luxury brands into the Middle East.

Our founder, Kimberley Carter, has been in the beauty industry for almost 2 decades beginning with her mother’s salon in the UK. While working there, she gained a love for enhancing people’s natural beauty and specialized in Semi Permanent Makeup and Lash Treatments. This love continued to grow and eventually moved her to Dubai in 2013 where she continued working and managing in different salons across the Emirate. Again, her love for beauty continued to grow throughout these years to the point where she was determined to bring luxurious brands and services that were not yet available in the Middle East. That’s when she founded Pro Beauty Group.

We specialize in the distribution and training of top eyelash and eyebrow services. Currently, we are the exclusive distributor for 3 different brands: Yumi Lashes & Brows / Yumi Feet, Lash Box LA, and Everlasting Brows. Being the exclusive partner, we have set up sub distributors and trainers across the Middle East to help these brands be more readily available to all beauty professionals.

What are our brands?

As we said above, we carry 3 different brands. All are reputable brands known around the world for their quality ingredients, innovative products, and amazing results.

Yumi Lashes & Brows

Yumi is a lash lift and brow lamination products  brand from France. They have been in the market for a long time, and are now present in over 80 countries worldwide. Their unrivalled products are continuously gaining popularity for not only the great results that are consistently achieved, but for how the quality ingredients they have used help nourish and increase the health of clients’ lashes & brows. Yumi is constantly coming out with new products and training protocols to continue being innovators in the industry. Training and certification is required in order to use these products for lash lift and brow lamination. We have trainers across the Middle East, just contact us directly and we can put you into contact with the trainer nearest you.

Yumi also has a foot callus treatment that is the first of its kind. With just a simple, 15 minute procedure, this product is guaranteed to remove foot calluses and restore the softness and smoothness to the feet. The popularity of this service has grown substantially from day 1 of being released. Simple and very satisfying, we know that once you introduce this service to your salon it will be an instant hit!

Lash Box LA

Lash Box LA is a lash extension brand from Los Angeles, California. Here is what the founder has to say about how her brand was discovered:

“I was both a lash industry professional and an avid customer in Europe for years before my career brought me to Los Angeles. While I loved the sunshine, I had a difficult time finding lashes that matched the rest of LA's great style.

I began an extensive global search for the world's best products and the result has become Lash Box Los Angeles. Based on my years of experience, I can say that my products shorten application time, extend wearable life, and display unparalleled volume.

I sincerely hope the result of my effort is a resource to serious professionals that helps them to deliver the highest quality lashes in the least amount of time and at a great value.

Please enjoy!” -Kate

This quote says it all. The style of Los Angeles is loved around the world and has attracted people from all corners of the Earth for years. We have LBLA lash extensions that are perfect for every level of lash artist. If you are not trained in Lash Extensions, no need to worry. We also have trainers available to help you master the art of lashes. Contact us and we can give you all the details.

Everlasting Brows

Everlasting Brows is a Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup brand based in London, UK. We chose to work with this brand due to how hands on they are with every detail of their products. Their blades are extra sharp and durable, their pigments are all made with delicate precision in Germany and made to give great color and results that last, and the list goes on. We have been working with them for a little over two years now and have loved every minute of it. We have established trainers and distributors for Everlasting across GCC countries as well, who can train and certify you in the art of microblading and SPMU.

 Helping make these loved brands available to beauty professionals in the Middle East has been our focus from day 1. This has given us the drive and determination to continue moving forward with bringing new luxurious products and services to this part of the world. We are continuously researching the market and trends of this industry to see what people want and need, and will cater to those needs.

We would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for making everything possible. What started as a simple dream & thought of the company founder, has turned into a reality. And this wouldn’t be possible without the support and devotion of you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, our company introduction, and feel free to contact us, or comment below for any further information. Also, keep up to date on all our latest news by following us on instagram! @probeautygroup_me @yumilashesbrows_gcc @everlastingbrowsme @lashboxla_me

Be in the trend of Pro Beauty Group!

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