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One of the most important parts of Microblading, or any brow treatment for that matter, is Brow Mapping. As a Brow Artist, it is important that you learn how to carry out brow mapping correctly to provide the best results for your clients.


What is Brow Mapping?

Brow Mapping is the art of using the natural features of your clients face to build the framework for shaping and creating perfect, aesthetically pleasing brows. This framework is then used as a reference when microblading to add hair strokes and hair removal to tidy. The main aim is to create natural brows which are symmetric and complement your clients face.


Carrying out Brow Mapping

Firstly, ensure that your work area is prepared. Use an Everlasting Brows Juicy Prep Pad to wipe the skin and ensure a clean area before you make any pre-draw markings.

The first line you will draw is the Centre Line, which is found by visually determining the centre of the brows using the top of the clients nose for reference.

The Bottom Line marking can be made by using your fingers to find the space between the eyeball and brow bone.

From here, you can then mark the Top Line. This will depend on how thick the client would like their brows. You will have already discussed this during your initial consultation.

The Arch Line is marked next and is usually found using the client’s natural growth. If their brows are asymmetrical, you could ask your client which is their favourite brow and mark the Arch Line, mirroring this to the other side.

Now is the time to apply your Everlasting Brows Measuring Tape/Ruler! Try to keep the tape as straight as possible and don’t forget to apply it high enough to allow for drawing space.


The Golden Ration Technique

Next we will find the start of the brow, the arch and the tail. The Golden Ratio technique can be used to easily find the ideal start, arch and tail of any eyebrow. This technique uses your clients natural face structure to give you the most natural look for their face.

The start point is found by lining your pre-draw thread upwards in a straight line from the corner of the nose towards the forehead. For the brow arch, take your thread from the corner of the nose, and align straight through the middle of their eye. Finally, the tail is found using a straight line from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Remember, the numbers on your measuring tape are there to ensure symmetry. Once you have found your reference points on one brow, ensure that the points on the other brow are identical.

You can now fill in your diagonal lines which connect the start of the brows with the arch and the arch with the tail.


Trace the Brow Shape

To give your client an understanding of the shape you have created, it is important that you trace the actual brow shape using your pre-draw pencil. This will help them to clearly see the look you are going to achieve without having to decipher all of your markings.


Become a Brow Mapping Master

Brow Mapping is an essential part of all brow services, whether you are doing Microblading, Brow Lamination or just shaping the brows. Learning this skill will certainly level up the service provided to your clients.

The Everlasting Brow Mapping Online Workshop teaches you the full Brow Mapping technique mentioned above, but in great detail. Your Master Trainer will talk you through each step with 4 HD videos demonstrating the technique. You will also learn how to adapt the Brow Mapping technique for different types of client.

You will also receive a workbook to complete throughout the Online Workshop.

For more details on the Online Workshop and to purchase online, click here.

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