Everlasting Brow Measuring Tapes 30pcs

Everlasting Brow Measuring Tapes 30pcs

Everlasting brows Eyebrow measuring tapes will ensure symmetrical shape. Essential to use while brow mapping. Easy to use for precise results each time. 

Eyebrow measuring tapes are perfect companions to all brow artists, they will help you ensure, that symmetry is achieved on both eyebrows equally and perhaps those shapes can finally be twins instead of sisters afterall! 

Some of the most experienced and successful artists will tell you that one thing they cannot live without are symmetry measuring tapes. 

Align 0 with the middle of the nose and follow the highlighted areas for the ideal location of front, arch and tail of your brow. 

  • Made of high quality material, this will be durable, non-toxic and safe to skin.
  • Easy to carry and convenient to use.

Pack of 30

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