Mega Volume Starter Kit - Lashbox LA

Mega Volume Starter Kit - Lashbox LA

This essential kit will help you deliver the highest quality volume lashes in the least amount of time and at a great value. Kit is coming in beautiful Mermaid bag. Our eyelash kit provides you with all the products you need to practice lash application. 

Superhero Glue 5ml

Volume JL Tweezers - Gold

Classic Straight Tweezers - Gold

Medical Foam Tape

Mascara Wands

Volume Expert Glue Trays

Fluff Guard

Pro Grade Cream Remover

Glue Aid

Long Wear Pre-Treatment & Primer

Kitty Lash Cloth

Mermaid Bag

9mm Single Length Tray 0.03 C curl

10mm Single Length Tray 0.03 C curl

11mm Single Length Tray 0.03 C curl

12mm Single Length Tray 0.03 C curl

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