Yumi Lashes Starter Kit

Yumi Lashes Starter Kit

The Yumi Lash lifting treatment has been designed such that it will ensure a lash lift with incomparable results and complete care to each lash. The new 2.0 formulas is plant based, all the products are cruelty free, full of nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Panthenol, and Keratin just to name a few, this system is one of a kind.

With all of these nutrients included in the actual solutions, the lashes are 100% protected and nourished throughout the entire procedure, making it nearly impossible to over process or cause any damage.

  • 1 x Yumi 2.0 LE LIFT-LE FIX-LE SERUM box of 10 x 1.5ml sachets of each solution. Enough for 40 Lash Lifting treatments.

  • 1 x Yumi 2.0 adhesive 10ml

  • 1 x Yumi Original Soft Adhesive 5ml

  • 1 x Yumi Lashes Cream oxidant 3% 50ml

  • 1 x Yumi tint deep black

  • 1 x Yumi tint graphite

  • 1 x Yumi tint black-blue

  • 1 x Yumi tint deep brown

  • 1 x Yumi tint light brown

  • 1 x Yumi color cleanser skin 150ml

  • 30 x Yumi anti wrinkle gel pads

  • 1 x Yumi protein remover foam

  • 5 x Yumi retail biotin aftercare serum 9,2ml

  • 1 x Yumi small silicone support (x10)

  • 1 x Yumi medium silicone support (x10)

  • 1 x Yumi M/L silicone support (x10)

  • 1 x Yumi large silicone support (x10)

  • 1 x Yumi lifting tweezer

  • 1 x Yumi glass dappen dish

  • 1 x Yumi microbrushes (x100)

  • 1 x Yumi solution cups (x100)

  • 1 x Yumi pack of rings for solution

  • 1 x Yumi pack of mascara wands

  • 1 x Yumi disposable adhesive brushes (x100)

  • 1 x Yumi cotton buds (x200)

  • 1 x Yumi tint brush

  • 1 x Yumi cleanser brush

  • 1 x Yumi air blower

  • 1 x Yumi black uniform

  • 1 x Yumi mirror

  • 1 x Yumi beauty case

  • 1 x Yumi Lashes Manual

*Kit contents subject to change

Yumi Lash professional Kits are only available with official Yumi training.

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