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Yumi Lashes Creme Oxidant 3% 50ml

Yumi Lashes Creme Oxidant 3% 50ml

Yumi Creme Oxidant to be mixed with Yumi eyelash and eyebrow tints.

Use Yumi Creme Oxidant For Brilliant color results.

50ml - minimum of 100 treatments

Brows - Mix 8-10 drops of oxidant with 2cm of tint. Processing time 2-10 minutes, really depends on how dark your client wants her brows to be. Your client may request that you leave it on for longer!

Lashes - Mix 4-5 drops of oxidant with 1cm of tint. If tinting lashes straight after lashing lifting leave tint on lashes for 5 minutes. Lash tinting as a stand alone treatment leave 10-12 minutes processing time.

Mix it with the Eyelash & Eyebrow tint to guarantee the best eyelash tinting result and long duration.