Yumi Lashes Vegan Serum - 15ml

NEW Keratin Intensive serum is a treatment that provides extreme hydration and nourishment to the lashes and brows. The serum fills the natural lash and brow hairs with Botox-like peptides, collagen, and keratin, making them fuller and thicker.

The eyelash serum with plant keratin strengthens and boosts eyelash growth to fortify them and limit loss. The lashes are deeply nourished. Its daily use significantly extends the growth phase of the lashes while triggering new growth.

It can be an add-on service to the lash lift and brow lamination or used alone!

Size: 15ml

  • Thickens lashes and brows up to 40%
  • Plant-based
  • Repairs damaged lashes and brows
  • Stimulates hair follicles to improve growth over time

Professional use - As part of the lash lift and brow lamination treatment, apply to the lashes and brows using with an applicator, as the 4th step.

Home care - If used as a daily treatment at home, apply on lashes and brows and massage lightly.

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