0.06mm Length Lash Tray - Lashbox LA

0.06mm Length Lash Tray - Lashbox LA

LashBox LA'S 0.06 mm Cashmere Lashes are perfectly soft and very light. Extreme black finish allows to create deep black Mega Volume set faster. This lash thickness allows to build  "15 D fans’’. Perfectly sized and non-sticking - this makes it easy to build beautiful spreading fans quickly.

This Lash is very thin and will be best for advanced technicians. Application may require a gentle hand. Please note that curls with Cashmere lashes are softer and more natural looking. Lash Box LA Lash trays comes with 16 lash strips 25% more than a standard tray. Please note that this is a very thin and soft lash imitating natural lashes. Lashes may relax 30% of the curl during 4 week wearing period. Please note that products sold by Lash Box are animal cruelty free and vegan free products. Products described i.e. as “mink” are used to explain the feel/texture of lash.

Single size trays available from 8mm to 15mm

Mixed tray available from 8mm to 14mm

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