Yumi feet Aftercare Cream

Yumi feet Aftercare Cream

RRP 75ml: 56AED

RRP 200ml: 112AED

Yumi Feet foot callus aftercare cream has a unique composition which makes it silky. It moisturizes the skin and gives it all the sweetness it deserves. 

Yumi feet Aftercare Cream contains natural glycerin for skin hydration as well as shea butter with regenerative and restorative properties. Protects feet in winter and summer. It hydrates the skin after the treatment and gives it back the softness it deserves.

Made in France.

Professional use - To be used directly after having Yumi Feet Callus Treatment.

Home care use - Application on a daily basis is recommended in order to prolong the effect of the Yumi Feet foot callus removal treatment. Fist apply the cream all over feet and then wear spa socks and give your feet a home skin softening treatment, give your feet the love they deserve!

Avoid contact with eyes, if touch rinse thoroughly with water. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Apply only on a skin free of any damage. If deep skin injury, consult a pharmacist or a doctor. In case of intolerance or irritation, stop the application immediately and consult a doctor. Any other use than that provided constitutes misuse.

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