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Everlasting Dior Pigment 10ml PMU/Microblading Lip Pigment

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Dior Pigment 10ml PMU/Microblading Lip Pigment

Dior is Orange red; vibrant, warm red. Great for the correction of purple/ very dull lips. Or for those wanting to achieve more visible results than possible with Miu Miu. Can be mixed with Miu Miu for in-between look.

✓ Everlasting Brows pigments are creamy and highly concentrated, ensuring your shaded lip work remains impeccable
✓ At Everlasting we believe that you do not need to stock 50+ shades, you just need few good ones. All out our pigments are great used alone or in combination with others to unlock more colour options
✓ Pigments heal true to colour and do not need modifiers
✓ Everlasting Brows pigments are produced in Germany
✓ Stable pigment formulation means that pigment doesn't fade into unwanted tones
✓ Everlasting pigments contain only highest quality raw ingredients
✓ Each pigment batch is tested for impurities - and heavy metals and is approved by InkCert; fulfilling all toxicological demand of CoE ResAp. Less impurities mean that skin will be more perceptive to pigment, which will create better healed results
✓ Formula ensures high pigment saturation, no added water
✓ Non toxic, non corrosive, non irritating, non-carsnogenic, non photo-toxic; no DMDM Hydantoin and no allergens 
✓ Manufactured according to medical directive to guarantee sterility, meaning additional peace of mind for your client’s to know that you have chosen what’s best for their wellbeing and beauty.

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