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0.20 Individual Loose Lashes C Curl - FX Lashes

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FX Lashes in a C Curl provides a shape that makes them most compatible with curly natural lashes. These lashes come in a small pot, and are available in lengths from 6mm to 15mm, and in two thicknesses: Thick (0.15) or Extra Thick (0.20).

SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: FX Individual eyelash extensions are the best eyelash extenions made from high quality fibers which is soft and light for your eyes. It will not harm your eyes.

EASY TO USE: Ideal for use with Lash Perfect adhesives.

STABLE CURL: C is more curved. They’ll provide a nice lift to downward-pointing lashes, and a stunning doll-eye look on straight lashes. 

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Individual Loose Lashes can be applied to individual natural eyelashes using medical grade Lash FX Adhesive. Each loose lash should be applied directly onto one isolated natural lash. To find out how to train in individual lashes, please visit our training page.

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