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Yumi Micropore Tape

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Yumi Micropore Tape

Micropore paper tape is an excellent all purpose tape.

It is used for covering the lower lashes or to tape the eyelids during Eyelash Extensions application. Micropore Tape an essential product for the bottom lash technique and a must have for every eyelash technician

Latex free, very gentle on the skin, and leaves no residue on the skin when removing. Can be used for any lash or brow treatment. 

Yumi Micropore tape is gentle and safe for use in the delicate eye area. This tape aids in the tape-back method to isolate lashes and can be used to secure under lashes for clients with sensitivities to gel pads.

- gives a bit of extra help keeping eye pads in place

- great to adjust clients eyelids to see all is clear! 

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