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Everlasting PMU & Microblading Artist's Survival Kit

Are you interested in trying our products, but not quite sure where to begin? Look no further, this kit will introduce you to some of our hottest selling items. Please note, products are subject to change and we might add additional gifts, but here is a sample of what you can anticipate.

5 x disposable tools
Pack of 30measuring tapes
Pack of 5intense brown predraw pencils
Pack of 5white pencils
10 x single use shavers
20 xmicroblading blades (10 needle or similar)
2 most popular eyebrow pigments (normally YAYA and Lindsey or similar)
1 most popular lip pigment (normally Pucci or similar)
1 xConcealer/ highlighter
1 xZensa numbing cream
20 xJuicy prep wipes