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Yumi Adhesive + Yumi Adhesive Brushes - Combo Offer

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Yumi Adhesive + Yumi Adhesive Brushes - Combo Offer

The new Yumi 2.0 adhesive is an advanced formula that helps your clients' lashes and brows stay in place while using less per treatment! It comes in a squeeze tube that's more hygienic and prevents the glue from drying out. Now in a 10ml tube instead of the 5ml bottle so you get roughly 30 treatments with one tube!


Disposable glue brushes used to apply the new Yumi 2.0 Adhesive. Pack of 100 pieces. Use the glue brush to perfectly apply the Yumi 2.0 Adhesive to the lashes and brows. A much needed tool for perfect lash & brow lamination. Purchase together and save. 


Thanks to the new 10 ml size with screw cap and the more liquid form, reduces the chance of air being pushed in and oxidizing the adhesive is considerably reduced. So now you can perform more treatments and the effectiveness of the product will be optimal from the first to the last drop, even after several weeks from the first opening.

Yumi Lash professional Kits and professional products are only available for purchase by certified Yumi artists. If you have not bought Yumi Lashes professional products from us before you will be asked to send proof of certification before your order is confirmed. This item can only be sold to those who are certified in Yumi 2.0. Failure to show the new 2.0 certificate will prevent you from purchasing this product.

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