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Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum + Display

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Dhs. 1,616.00

20 pieces of Yumi Lashes Nourishing Biotin Serum with display stand.

Mascara after care for Yumi Lashes Lash Enhancement treatment. 

 - Nourishes and deeply moisturizes 

- Strengthens lashes from the inside

- Stimulates eyelash growth

Using Advice;

Use after-care serum mascara every night for longer, stronger lashes.

Contains GHK tripeptide, naturally present in the human body that promotes healing and reconstruction of eyelashes.

Guaranteed results with 3 times more volume, eyelashes up to 43% longer and 40% thicker in just 15 days.

Soft and light texture.


20 x Yumi Lashes Nourishing Serum

1 x Display Stand 

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