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Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum + Display (12 Mascaras)

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Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum + Display

12 pieces of Yumi Lashes Nourishing Biotin Serum with display stand.

Mascara after care for Yumi Lashes Lash Enhancement treatment. 

Contains GHK tripeptide, naturally present in the human body that promotes healing and reconstruction of eyelashes.

Guaranteed results with 3 times more volume, eyelashes up to 43% longer and 40% thicker in just 15 days.

Soft and light texture.

A great tool to introduce Yumi Lashes Mascara Nourish Serum Aftercare to your clients!

 - Nourishes and deeply moisturizes 

- Strengthens lashes from the inside

- Stimulates eyelash growth

Home use - Use aftercare serum mascaras every night for longer, stronger lashes.


  • 12 x Yumi Lashes Nourishing Serum
  • 1 x Display Stand 


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