Are online certification courses really worth it? Is it possible to learn practical skills through online courses?

Absolutely, yes! Pro Beauty Group is one of the best beauty supplier in GCC for lash and brow products. We aim is to provide top quality professional beauty products to Salons and Artists across the GCC. We provide exclusive Workshops to ensure that your Salon and Artists provide the highest quality services to your clients.

Online Training allows trainees to work at their own pace and watch demonstrations multiple times in order to perfect the method. Online training options give you full flexibility of learning anywhere in the world, even the comfort of home.

How It Works
To sign-up choose the online workshops which you would like to enrol. After you
checkout you, we will send you an enrollment email, where you can access on your online workshop.
The workshops which include Student Kits, will be shipped within 48 hours of
purchase. This contains everything you will need for your Workshop and to offer this new skill to your clients afterwards.

The Lash lift training and Brow lamination training by Probeauty group are available to Artists in: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and surrounding areas.

Some commonly asked questions…

How will I learn the practical skills?
The Workshops have been created by our Master Trainers who between them, have many years of experience training lash and brow techniques. The Workshop content follows the same structure as our in-person Workshops, including the theory and practical demonstration. Some Workshops also require you to submit case studies of your work for your Master Trainer to review before certification.

Will I Receive Certification?
Yes, upon completion of your Online Training, you will receive a Certificate from the brand.

When can I do the course?
Our Online Training is so flexible that allows trainees to work at their own pace and watch demonstrations whenever they wanted to. You have 30 days to complete the online training.

Will There Be Support Throughout The Online Workshop?
Our Master Trainers are here to support you through your Online Workshop. You can ask them questions at any time using our online platform. If your Workshop requires case studies, our Master Trainers will review these personally and provide any feedback on your work.

Make Use of Your Skills: Become a Lash & Brow Expert

Yumi Lashes & Brows Lash Lifting and Brow lamination

Yumi is based in France, and all of their products are 100% made in France. They have been around for several years, and their product is now in 80+ countries making them one of the most popular and diverse brands in lash lifting & brow lamination. Yumi Lashes & Brows has taken the world by storm. The new 2.0 formulas is plant based, all the products are cruelty free, Full of nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Panthenol, and Keratin just to name a few, this system is one of a kind.

With all of these nutrients included in the actual solutions, the lashes and brows are 100% protected and nourished throughout the entire procedure, making it nearly impossible to over process or cause any damage.
Learn the most innovative method in the industry, enroll in the Yumi Lash Lifting
Training & Brow lamination training.

Yumi Brow Lamination & Yumi Lash Lifting Training covers:
• Yumi Product Presentation
• Yumi Lash Lifting Theory
• Lash Lifting Demonstration
• Yumi Brow Lamination Theory
• Brow Lamination Demonstration
• Case studies
• Treatment guidelines
• Marketing guidelines

To sign up to Lash lift training, Brow lamination training or for more information, click here.

Everlasting Brows
Everlasting Brows is a Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup brand based in London, UK. They have over 10 years of beauty training experience during which we have secured several recognition awards. Their products are carefully developed and high quality helping professionals achieve the highest possible results worldwide. Their blades are extra sharp and durable, their pigments are all made with delicate precision in Germany and made to give great color and results that last, and the list goes on.
Brow Mapping is an essential part of all brow services, whether you are doing
Microblading, Brow Lamination or just shaping the brows.
The Everlasting Brow Mapping Online Workshop teaches you the full Brow Mapping technique in great detail. Your Master Trainer will talk you through each step with 4 HD videos demonstrating the technique. You will also learn how to adapt the Brow Mapping technique for different types of client.

Sign up to Brow Mapping Online Workshop. To buy the best quality pmu products, click here.

Which Online Workshops are now available?
Everlasting Brows Online Brow Mapping Workshop
Everlasting Brows Pigmentology
Yumi Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination Workshop
Yumi Lash Lifting Workshop
Yumi Brow Lamination Workshop
Yumi Conversion Workshop

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