Boost your income with Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination

Here in the Middle East we LOVE our hair and beauty treatments. Whether it’s a weekly blow dry, regular mani-pedi or those monthly facials, clients are reliant on Salons to keep them looking and feeling pampered at all times. 

It is no surprise that a busy industry such as Beauty see’s new services popping up all the time, each claiming to be the new must-have treatment. Yumi, the world’s number one keratin lash product, burst onto the scene for the first time in 2009. Ever since that moment, Yumi have continued to lead the lash lifting and brow lamination market with the introduction of their 2.0 products which were refined for even better results.

As we speak, Yumi is the go-to choice for Salons and Artists in over 80 countries worldwide and they are showing no sign of slowing down!


What is Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination?

Put simply, Lash Lifting is the art of changing the direction of your lashes by adding a curl which lifts the lashes upwards, enhancing the eyes natural beauty. Brow Lamination works by softening the brows allowing you to style them upwards, defying your natural growth direction and giving the appearance of thicker, fuller brows.

Both treatments use the same Yumi 2.0 products which were specifically designed to provide the best results while always protecting and enhancing the health of the hair and lashes.


How do I become a Yumi Certified Technician to offer Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination to my clients?

In order to purchase product and provide this treatment to your clients you will need to attend a Yumi Workshop. Here at Pro Beauty Group we offer dedicated Yumi Workshops for Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination all across the Middle East. The Workshop takes for one day and teaches you the Yumi techniques with a theory, demonstration and practical element included. To find your nearest Workshop, email us on


This year we also introduced Online Workshops which enable you to become certified from the comfort of your own home or Salon. These Online Workshops are run by the same Master Trainers and have all the same elements which are delivered virtually. For more information, click here.


What is the earning potential from Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination?

When completing you Yumi Brows and Lashes Workshop you will also purchase a Starter Kit. This kit contains everything you need to begin offering these treatments to your clients. 

The Starter Kit contains enough product to complete either 40 lash lifts or 30 brow lamination treatments. Depending on the combination of treatments completed you could earn 10,500-14,000aed!

Earning potential will depend on the price you set for your treatments. Our recommended price is 350aed for brow lamination or lash lifting individually or 600aed when both treatments are combined in the same appointment.


Want to find out more about Yumi products or our Workshops? Contact us on and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. For treatment results, product information and latest news from Yumi follow us on Instagram @yumibeauty_gcc.

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