Get the perfect lash lift for your clients with the Best Professional Lash Lift Kits!


Lash lifting is a beauty trend that is takes the industry by storm. Lash lifting is a treatment designed to enhances natural lashes. Lashes can be transformed to make a dramatic impact and enhance the eyes.

Consider adding lash lifts and tints to your salon services if you haven't already. They are quick, profitable and in high demand with clients who want to streamline their beauty routines.

Why are Yumi lashes the best?

Yumi Lashes is an innovative keratin lash treatment that lifts, curls, tints and boosts your natural lashes with a special pigment infusion. The result lasts for up to three months. It Lengthen, thicken and lift your natural eyelashes & Improve your natural existence eyelash structure.

Whether you are new to lash lifts or they are one of your top treatments, it’s essential to have a great kit ready to go!

What products are used in a lash lift?

The Yumi treatment 2.0 has been designed such that it will ensure an eyelash enhancement with incomparable results and complete care to each eyelash. Get to know our lash lifting kit.

  •  Yumi Le Lift 2.0 formula has high quality ingredients which helps to protect the eyelashes and brow hair during this first active stage of the treatment.
  • Le Fix 2.0, in the second stage of treatment promote cell renewal thus allowing to have silky, strong & resitant eyelashes.
  • Le Serum 2.0 is the last step of treatment that will treat the eyelash deeply.Panthenol, known as provitamin B5 offers soothing care. It has regenerating & healing properties that will strengthen the eyelash.
  •  Yumi Protein Remover Foam: The very best results come from the cleanest base! Before your Lash Lift or Brow Lamination, use the Yumi Protein Remover Foam to remove all of the oils and dirt from the lashes and brows. These hidden nasties can act as a barrier and impact your final results
  • Silicone shields to protect the lower lashes and skin
  •  Yumi Lashes Original Soft Adhesive: perfectly made to glue the lashes onto the shields.
  • Yumi skin cleanser is an excellent product for removing unwanted tint from the skin.
  • Yumi Tints : Add depth to Lashes.
  • Yumi Biotin serum Contains GHK tripeptide, that promotes healing and reconstruction of eyelashes.⁠It strengthens lashes from the inside & Stimulates eyelash growth.
  • Yumi Creme Oxidant, For Brilliant color results.
  • Y tool: lash lift accessory for you to precisely brush the lashes.
  • Yumi Lashes Keratin Restore Mascara was formulated to assist deeply hydrating the lashes.⁠


Enhance your beauty salon's revenue with our best lash lift kits!

YUMI Lashes lash lift is definitely a game-changer. Yumi Lash lifting and Brow lamination training is available for those who wish to start offering this service. To learn more, email us at

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