How to Care for your Eyelash Extensions

What’s the most important part of wearing eyelash extensions? Aftercare of course! This blog aims to teach you how to properly care for your extensions to ensure longevity and a happy lash artist!


Keep Them Dry!

After your lash appointment, keep your new extensions as dry as possible for at least 24-36 hours. This also includes avoiding steamy, humid environments such as hot showers, spas and saunas. Ensuring your lashes stay dry during this period allows the adhesive to cure as strongly as possible for long-lasting extensions.


Clean Lashes = Happy Lashes

Many people believe that if we just never touched our lashes, they would last forever! In fact, the opposite is actually true, the healthiest lashes are the cleanest ones. Dirt, debris and makeup can cause the glue bonds to break leading to lash fan shedding before the natural lash does.

Washing your lashes daily (after the initial 24-36 hours) allows them to stay clean and will keep that adhesive intact, increasing the longevity of your beloved extensions!


Squeaky Clean Lashes

How exactly do I wash my lashes? The answer is simple – Bubble Lash Shampoo! This incredible product is mild enough that it won’t sting your eyes yet leaves your lashes squeaky clean. You’ll be a star pupil in the eyes of your Lash Artist!


Bin Those Oil-Based Products

When wearing eyelash extensions, it’s important to take a good look at the skincare products you are using and steer clear of oil-based creams or cosmetics. Many products are labelled ‘oil-free’ which is super helpful but if in doubt, read through the ingredients list to be sure.


Dry Shampoo For Your Lashes

Introducing the Fluff Guard – the ‘dry shampoo’ for your lashes. This miracle product is wet but acts the same as a dry shampoo in that it refreshes your lashes without the need to wash it off.

Use it to remove that pesky eye shadow fallout after you’ve finished your makeup. Simply spray the Fluff Guard onto a lash brush and wipe the excess makeup off. Quick and easy to use, this fab product removes all the tiny debris that can build up on your eyelash extensions.


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