How to Kickstart your Beauty Business after the Pandemic

There’s no hiding the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all hard, especially the beauty sector. Between lockdowns and social distancing measures, it’s been a pretty difficult year to navigate. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, as strong business owners we have to look to the future and how we will come out of this pandemic in the best possible position!

As the leading Salon Supplier in the Middle East, we not only supply beauty professionals with the best quality products but also help by offering business advice and motivation. After all, we want all of us to do well!

No matter which stage of lockdown you are facing currently, here are some things that you can all be doing to kickstart your beauty business after the pandemic.


Touch base

For those of you who are not yet able to see your clients due to lockdown restrictions, send them a message! A short message or catch-up will go a long way during these unpredictable times and will definitely be valued by your client. When restrictions are lifted, they’ll be very ready to book in with their favourite Artist!


Networking Virtually

The age-old tactic of Networking is favoured among many successful business people. Unable to physically network with people right now? Head to your favourite social media sites! Facebook groups, Instagram and beauty forums are great ways to keep the conversation open and conversing with potential clients.


Don’t Ghost your Social Accounts

Your business may be closed or restricted but that’s no excuse to neglect your social media accounts. If anything, you should be MORE active! Create content which may be beneficial to your clients while at home, informing them of ways to look after their lashes or brows from home, for example.

Back open and ready for business? Post, post, post! Make sure that your existing and potential clients can see that you are back open. Include details of any promotions you are running as well as additional precautions that are being taken to protect your clients.


Post Stories

Post stories daily. Stories are great for showing any new precautions in your salon to put clients at ease, talking about your treatments and services, showing results and much more! Don’t forget to tag us and the brands of the products you are using ie @ProBeautyGroup_ME, @YumiBeauty_GCC, @LashBoxLA_ME and @EverlastingBrowsME


Referral Scheme

As existing happy clients of yours, there’s no one better to recommend your services than your clients. Create a referral scheme which allows them to benefit and incentivises them for recommending new clients to your business.


Here at Pro Beauty Group our sole purpose is to supply, educate and inspire Beauty Professionals across the Middle East. Find plenty of useful information, our latest offers and product information on our Instagram page.

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