Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum – The UAE’s Must-Have Eyelash Serum

With everyone wanting thicker, longer eyelashes, the beauty world has become saturated with lash-enhancing serums and conditioners, but which ones actually  work? 

The good news is that quality products with guaranteed results do exist! Choosing the right serum can be a daunting task when there are so many on the market to choose from. As the UAE’s leading beauty supplier, we’re here to tell you all a little more about the Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum, our personal favourite lash serum.

Who are Yumi?

Yumi are based in France with all of their products also being made within the country. They have a range of products from lash lifting and brow lamination treatments to foot callus products and can be found in over 80 countries worldwide. As a huge fan of the brand, it was only natural for us to try their Nourishing Biotin Lash Serum and we were not disappointed!

How does the Nourishing Biotin Serum work?

The serum is applied using the mascara brush and nourishes and deeply moisturises lashes to stimulate growth. The product contains GHK tripeptide which is naturally present in the human body and is associated with healing and repair. This helps with the reconstruction of damaged or shorter lashes.

It is recommended that the serum is applied each evening for longer, stronger lashes in just a couple of weeks.

Who can use the Nourishing Biotin Serum?

This serum is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their lashes naturally. Perhaps you have recently had eyelash extensions or wear heavy make-up causing your lashes to dry and break off, this is the safe yet effective product for you!

What results can I expect?

After just 15 days, lashes will be up to 43% longer and 40% thicker. As with many beauty products, consistency is key here so be sure to apply each evening for best results!


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