Lash Adhesive Tips for Better Retention

When clients are coming to you for lash extensions, it’s likely that they will be concerned with two main things: the look of their lashes and the retention. We have faith that all of our LashBox LA Artists can perfect an incredible set of lashes after learning the LBLA techniques, but retention, this is a more complicated issue.


Finding the Right Home for your Adhesives

It is important that your glues are kept in the most consistent environment possible. What do we mean by this? If you work in a room which gets lots of sunlight or you use air conditioning throughout the day, it is likely the temperature in the room will differ dramatically at night once the sun has set or the A/C has been switched off.

To best preserve your glues, keep them away from direct sunlight and ensure the room remains at a consistent temperature. We do not recommend storing your adhesives in a fridge once they are open as this can lead to condensation inside the bottle or cause it to polymerise, inhibiting its effectiveness.

You can store your glues in a fridge but only up to six months before you open it! Remember to take the glue out to adapt to your room temperature at least 10 hours before you first open and use it.


How’s your Humidity?

The best environment for lashing? 30-60% humidity and 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. These conditions are essential for our fast-drying lash glues to work at their very best.

It’s simple really! If your room is too dry, get a humidifier. Too humid? Get a dehumidifier. If it’s too cold or too hot, get a heater or A\C unit to adjust as necessary. It may seem like a small thing, but it will make a huge difference to your clients results!


Check your Lashing Environment

So, you’ve found the perfect storage space for your adhesives and you’ve perfected the temperature and humidity of your lash room, what next? Check your working environment for additional factors which could be affecting your results.

Naturally, a lot of lash artists share a space with hair stylists, and this poses a problem due to the chemicals and hairsprays which linger in the air affecting the ability of your glue to bond and cure. The best way to solve this issue? Ensure that you keep the door to your lashing space closed, even between clients. If you do not have a door, try hanging a curtain and make efforts to keep your air as pure as possible. Perhaps try opening a window, but only if this isn’t going to affect the temperature or humidity in the room!


Shelf Life

One of the most important factors to consider with your adhesives is its shelf life. Once opened, a glue can only be effective for four weeks. This is because the main ingredient (cyanoacrylate) is affected when exposed to Oxygen, causing a naturally occurring gas to be released (formaldehyde). After four weeks, this gas will stop the glue from being effective.

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