Okay lash artists, we know you are all rockstars when it comes to lash extensions, but what about the aftercare? Yes, it’s the client’s responsibility to make sure they take care of them, but you as the artist need to make it a priority that you educate each and every client about proper aftercare. Correct aftercare is one of the most important aspects of lash extensions. Let’s take a look at the aftercare process, and different tips and tricks to make sure your client’s lashes stay fabulous! 


Okay, your client is all done, lashes are on fleek, she’s a whole new woman! Now what? Well, now is the most important part for your client. How she cares for her lashes will determine how beautiful they stay looking, which then will determine if she will return to you for the fill/future extensions! See how important this step is? It could make or break the client relationship with your business. 

Luckily for you and your clients, Lash Box LA has come out with some amazing aftercare items that will help with the retention of the extensions. Which is the goal right? More retention = happier client, happier client = happier you, happier you = even more happy clients! 

  • Bubble Lash Shampoo

First item in aftercare is clean, clean, and keep those lashes clean! Lash extensions can easily pick up dirt, debris, and make up which will then break down the glue bonds and cause the extensions to fall out prematurely. Washing them daily removes this dirt, debris, and make up and keeps those lashes in tact for much longer! We have the perfect cleanser for this, it’s called Bubble Lash Shampoo from Lash Box LA. Shampoo for lash extensions! How great is that! The Bubble Lash Shampoo is also very mild, so it won’t sting if some accidentally gets in the eye. Using an applicator brush, or even the amazing Unicorn Brush from Lash Box, gently apply the bubble lash shampoo to the lashes daily and ensure you thoroughly bathe them. You’ll see after using this how clean and fresh your extensions look! 

  • Fluff Guard

Another great item to keep those extensions on point and glamorous is Lash Box LA’s Fluff Guard. This amazing and helpful tool helps to clean the extensions removing any oils, or make up residue. So you would apply it after putting on your make up for the day to remove any that may have fallen on the lashes. We recommend using it with the carefully designed Unicorn Duo Brush to really get the Fluff Guard in the lashes and clean the extensions. The best part is? You don’t have to wash it all out. This will literally guard your lashes against any impurities, and keep them fluffy all day every day. 

These two items, when used daily together, will keep those lash extensions looking amazing for much, much longer. The healthiest lashes are the cleanest ones, and the Bubble Lash Shampoo + Fluff Guard are specifically made to keep those lashes clean. 

For more information on these items, and all our other amazing lash extensions products, you can take a look here, or email us, whatsapp +971 52 746 9506, or call us at +971 4 770 7584. 

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