Social Media tips to boost your Salon or Beauty Business

As the leading Salon Supplier in the Middle East, not only do we ensure Salons and Artists have access to the best quality products, but we also like to help them dominate and thrive in their business ventures too! 

So, you’ve trained in your specialist treatments, whether that be Microblading, Lash Lifting, Brow Lamination or Lash Extensions, but what next? Clients! Friends and family are great for word-of-mouth recommendations but to boost your exposure and reach many more potential clients, Social Media is where you need to be.

Social Media is an incredible business tool, allowing you to reach hundreds of potential clients every day. But how do you get the very best results? Here we will discuss Pro Beauty Groups top tips for a killer Social Media presence.


  • Cover all bases. There are a number of social media platforms available and it’s important you create business profiles on each of the ones you choose. Remember, you need to be active on these platforms regularly so choose those that are most suitable for you. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…)
  • Complete your profiles. Remember to fully complete your profiles and include full information on the services you offer. Make sure it is very clear how potential clients should get in contact with you.
  • Consistency. Ensure you create new posts for your social media profiles 2-3 times per week. 
  • Highlights. Save your price list and any other details about your business in an Instagram Highlight so it's easily visible to your clients. You can also create a highlight to showcase previous results or reviews from your clients.
  • Instagram Stories. You should be posting to your stories at least once per day. This helps to ensure you are seen by potential clients every single day.
  • Hashtags. Include relevant hashtags in all of your Instagram posts. Use consistent hashtags by saving them in a file to copy and paste each time. Include location specific hashtags to increase your chances of reaching those in your area of operation. Some examples include #Yumi #YumiLashes #LashExtensions #Microblading #LashLiftingDubai #BrowLaminationDubai
  • Content. It is important to create high quality photos and videos which are varied and interesting for your followers. Have some fun! Create and edit photos and videos to make your feed more exciting. Keep your content professional but human - followers will love seeing your face and personal content!
  • Tags. Be sure to tag the head account of the brand you are using or product you are trained in such as @yumibeauty_gcc, @LashBoxLA_me or @EverlastingBrowsME. Brand love to share the work of their Artists and this is a great way to gain added exposure. You can also tag your clients Instagram in order to reach their audience too. 
  • Grow your community. Reach out to new potential clients by liking or commenting on their posts. You can also support other local businesses to share the love which will hopefully be reciprocated. 
  • Engagement. Set aside some time each day to interact with your audience and open up conversations. Social Media is a two-way street, and this will also help to keep you in the front of their minds!
  • Facebook Groups. Joining Facebook groups for your local community and sharing your services is a great way to reach new local clients. You can also keep an eye out for anyone looking for recommendations for the services you are offering.

Social Media is by no means a ‘quick fix’ but slowly growing a genuine, engaged audience will help you to build a loyal client base over time. Work hard to follow each of these tips consistently and you’ll see those numbers grow and enquiries start popping up in no time!


Here at Pro Beauty Group our sole purpose is to supply, educate and inspire Beauty Professionals across the Middle East. Find plenty of useful information, our latest offers and product information on our Instagram page.

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