What is the Iconic Facial?

What is the Iconic Facial?

Glow & Skin the creator of the Iconic facial, is an innovative facial concept, for professionals serious about skin and who want to deliver outstanding results to their clients.    

Named because of its distinctive excellence, the Iconic Facial is a professional, results-driven, combination facial therapy that’s got everyone talking.

The Iconic facial  was born from a desire to create a luxury skin brand that complemented a range of skin therapies, delivered by skin experts, to give maximum visible results to their clients, treating a range of skin concerns.  

The face behind the brand

Having set up a hugely successful training and distribution company in the Middle East, founder, and CEO of Glow & Skin, Kimberley Carter, started the company when she realized how difficult it was for facial therapists to easily gain access to affordable, quality training and products.

“With only a handful of training providers in the Middle East, the training being offered was poor, and worse still, the costs were ridiculously high” explains Kimberly. “I decided to focus my attention on introducing brands and providing quality training at affordable prices. It was my goal to raise industry standards through expert education and at the same time enable professionals to work with a superior brand, equipment, and consumables so that they could reliably and safely provide exceptional treatments to their client”.

Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, Kimberley knew what facial therapists needed and what their clients’ expectations were. Having run a salon, she also understood the financial implications of running a business. Getting the balance to provide superior treatments at affordable prices  in a competitive market, whilst remaining profitable.

With her years of experience as a business owner and distributor, Kimberley had worked with many professional beauty companies, but she couldn’t find one that incorporated everything she needed in one system for Professional facial treatments. 

And so, she set about creating her own, which would solve all these problems in one complete brand.  Offering solutions in a ‘one-stop shop’, making it simple, affordable, and additionally provide.

  • Quality training  to raise and set an industry-standard benchmark.
  • Affordable training with ongoing support and learning.
  • A results-driven skincare range with potent skin actives which is both affordable to clients and profitable to facial therapists.
  • Equipment and consumables sourced for their quality and efficacy that works in synergy with the Glow and Skin, skincare range.
  • The ultimate facial therapy concept, the Iconic Facial, which elevates a skin therapist to an Iconic facialist, setting them apart from their competitors.

What is the Iconic Facial concept?

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And so, the pioneering Iconic Facial was created, combining the powerful skin actives contained within the Glow & Skin range, with a unique combination of professional therapeutic skin treatments.

While the advanced Iconic facial delivers long-lasting rejuvenating results, it also allows the client to feel like they are having a relaxing spa experience. Today’s clients demand both luxury and results, and the Iconic Facial delivers on all levels.

The Iconic Facial is the ultimate experience in skin rejuvenation and allows the Iconic facialist to deliver a bespoke, prescriptive treatment for their client’s individual needs. 

The Iconic Facial takes the client through a process of carefully selected therapeutic and rejuvenation therapies that work at a cellular level in the skin, to promote active bio stimulation. Working in synergy with the Glow & Skin topical skin actives, the specially selected therapies promote a cascade of activity in the skin, which is immediately visible and has naturally beautiful, long-lasting results. 

The Iconic Facial can be given as a ‘red carpet treatment before an event or fashion shoot, or as an ongoing course of treatment for anti-aging, or to treat specific skin conditions.

With specialized advanced training, therapists become Iconic facialists and learn how to modify the treatments to suit their client's individual needs, giving them the confidence to treat a range of skin conditions including.

The skin therapies that have been specifically selected for the Iconic Facial, are used in a unique way. This innovative approach sets the of Iconic Facial apart from any other facial system, with so many benefits for skin health all in one concept.

Before starting the Iconic Facial, the client is given an in-depth skin analysis. This will enable the Iconic facialist to plan a treatment that will achieve the best results. This may be a course of treatments, or a one-off for a special event that the client needs to look fabulous for. 


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Once the analysis phase is complete, the treatment can begin. There are four main stages to the Iconic Facial routine.

  • Dermaplaning, used to remove fine downy hair and to allow increased penetration of skin actives.  
  • Derma roller, used to activate micro wound healing which promotes a cascade of bio stimulation and remodeling in the skin.
  • LED therapy, to reduce Inflammageing which is a main cause of skin ageing, along with a host of therapeutic activity in the living skin cells. 
  • Cryo globe massage, used to calm the skin and promote wellness.

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Benefits of the Iconic Facial on skin health  

The Iconic Facial when combined with the Glow & Skin actives, has a host of skin health benefits.

  • Generate new collagen and elastin for anti-ageing and rejuvenation.
  • Reduces inflammation which is a main cause of accelerated skin ageing.
  • Improves skin tone and texture.
  • Reduction in the appearance of pore size.
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring.
  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation.
  • Decreases fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves the barrier function of the skin and cellular metabolism.
  • Supports and regulates Trans Epidermal Water loss (TEWL).
  • Remove the fine vellus hairs of the face.
  • Exfoliates and safely removes dead skin cells, which increases cellular turnover.
  • Skin rejuvenation through micro wound healing.
  • Creates micro-channels in the skin, which act as ‘pathways’ for active nutrients to travel through and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Benefits of becoming an Iconic Facialist

Iconic facialists are highly trained skin specialists, that provide their clients superior results that keep them coming back for more. Additionally, the ongoing education and support that is provided is second to none and is the perfect solution to any professional salon, spa or clinic, who are serious about skin.  

  • Luxury brand which attracts high calibre, high spend clients that return regularly.
  • Skin care brand to compliment the in-clinic treatments, that ensures superior results and repeat revenue.
  • Works equally well within medical, spa and beauty salons and can be offered in multidisciplinary clinics, to complement and enhance other services or as a stand-alone facial in beauty salons.
  • High revenue return with minimal outlay. 
  • Excellent company support. 
  • Becoming part of a team and brand, which inspires excellence and ongoing learning.

 Sign up to our course today and give your clients the ultimate facial!


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