Why is it so important to use Eyelash Extension Primer?

We all know that a better bond on lashes is essential for longer-lasting lash extension. With the right eyelash extension primer, you can create a longer-lasting eyelash extension. Eyelash extension primer prepares the surface of the natural lashes for a better bond with the eyelash extension adhesive by cleaning the natural lashes and removing any extra proteins or oils.

Lashbox LA Long Wear Pre Treatment & Primer

In the lash industry, there are many different types of lash primers available for different purposes, but today we'll be talking about our Long Wearing Pre-Treatment and Primer and why it's a favorite for lash artists!

Let's look at the key ingredients and their benefits!

· Aloe: rejuvenates, provides elasticity, and nourishes

· Japanese Apricot: Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Antimicrobial. It's a powerful agent and the name itself sounds delicious!

· Ginseng: Nourishes the follicle and root to prevent hair thinning and breakage, removes build-up, promotes healthy hair growth

· Copper Tripeptides: Promotes thicker lashes, heals damaged lashes, and stimulates hair growth that increases the health and vitality of the follicle

LBLA primer is one of our secret weapons and a triple threat when it comes to natural lash safety, health, and amazing retention! The features of our Long wear and Pre-Treatment Primer are too good not to share, and include tri-peptides to enhance natural lash growth and help recover damaged lashes, keeping them nourished and strong. Our plant-based formula includes ingredients that promote lash growth, nourish lashes from the outside in, and won't strip the lashes of their essential nutrients.

Did you know our eyelashes are naturally made up of 10% water and 90% protein? The building blocks of protein make up an amino acid, and a chain of amino acids make up a peptide! When our natural lashes are stressed and damaged, feeding them with added tripeptides and nutrients will promote healthier lashes overall!

Will Primer dehydrate the lashes?

This Primer has only has a very small amount of alcohol (about 1%) and won't dehydrate lashes or affect glue performance negatively like other formulations might. It removes excess protein deposits to improve attachment and prolong retention. With that being said, its low alcohol content makes it universal to use on oily, normal, and dry clients!

How to apply Primer?

You should know how to apply primer because it shouldn't be applied to the natural lashes from base to tip! You only need a teeny tiny amount of primer onto 2 Lint Free Microswabs and 1-2 droplets of it (less than half a pump). Flick off the residue and dab the excess onto a clean tissue if needed and ONLY apply primer to the base of the lashes where the adhesive will adhere. Overdoing it may actually coat the lashes too much of the product and cause retention/application issues! Remember to dry the lashes completely before you begin your application.

It's the perfect way to make sure you are taking great care of your client's lashes, while ensuring you have successful lash attachment that makes for great retention. Use our pre-treatment primer after cleansing with Bubble Shampoo before every full set and fill!

Are you ready to up your lash game?

You can now order it on our website.

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