Will Mega Volume Lash extensions damage my lashes?

With Mega Volume and Russian Volume lash extensions proving to be more popular than ever here in the Middle East, we wanted to address one of the main concerns that Lash Artists may be faced with from their clients.

We all want that show-stopping, set of mega volume lash extensions that are super dense and wow worthy, but does this come at an extra cost to your natural lashes? You'll be glad to hear it is a resounding NO from us!

The opposite is actually true. A single mega volume fan weighs approximately the same amount as a classic lash. This means that with the correct isolation and placement, mega volume lashes using 0.03 lashes can actually help promote healthier lashes than classics! In addition, just 1-2mm of our ultra-soft 0.03 lashes attach to the natural to allow them to move and grow freely. A match made in heaven!


Time for some maths!

LBLA carried out a study and weighed each diameter of lash from 0.20 classic lashes and 0.03 mega volume lashes. Each time a lash was weighed, it was dipped in adhesive in the same way you would with a classic lash. The result? Fifteen 0.03 lashes consistently weighed the same amount as one 0.20 lash.

When we consider that we would not need to use that much glue to make and apply a fan, we can see that 15 lashes (with just 1-2mm of adhesive at the end of the fan) will weigh significantly less than a single classic lash.

As if that wasn’t enough, studies have shown that based on weight alone, anywhere between 28 to 50 0.03 lashes (depending how they taper at the tip) weigh about the same as a classic lash. 50! Now this is without adhesive but believe us when we say we are being conservative with these statements!


The healthier option for your lashes

We’ve established that mega volume lash extensions are safe for natural lashes but we’re here to tell you that they are actually healthier too. Classic lashes are often rigid and tough with too much glue whereas mega volume lashes are soft, flexible and only attached to a small portion of the natural lash. Wearing properly applied mega volume lashes will actually feel lighter for your client and so much softer, so perfect application is a must.

During our LashBox LA Mega Volume Workshops, we teach students to isolate the natural lash first. Why? So that we can easily assess the individual lash and tailor the size of the fan according to its size and strength. Using the Mega Volume method, we can also leave baby lashes alone and lash free, leaving them to grow unhindered from extra weight.

As a result, we can keep our client’s lashes healthy and in great shape throughout their eyelash extension wearing life. What’s not to love?!

LashBox LA Lash Isolation


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