Feet that are as soft as a baby’s, isn’t that what we all want? Aren’t you tired of constantly feeling that alligator-type skin on the bottom of your feet? Well, the time has finally come to turn those gator feet into baby angel feet! Yumi has come up with a treatment that is unlike any other - Yumi Feet, also known as De Si Jolis Pieds (French for Pretty Feet), is a 15 minute foot callus treatment that is guaranteed to remove even the toughest calluses. This Revolutionary product is 100% developed and made in France, meets very strict quality standards, and is extremely easy to use for all beauty professionals. Let’s take a look at the procedure and see what makes it so incredible! 


As mentioned above, the treatment only takes about 15 minutes and is specifically designed to get rid of foot calluses making your feet smooth and soft as if you just stepped down from heaven. In 4 easy steps, you can use this service in your salon and help your clients receive these same amazing results. 

Step 1 

Application of the De Si Jolis Pieds patches.

Wearing protective gloves, apply the De Si Jolis Pieds patches directly on the calluses. 

Step 2 

Enveloping the patches.

The patches must be held in place for 15 minutes and wrapped in cling film to optimise the effect of the treatment. 

Step 3 

Removal of the calluses.

After removing the first patch, remove the surplus dead skin using the Duo Feet Device (scraper side). Then use the smoothing side of the Duo Device after first applying the Foot File Stickers to eliminate the rest of the callus. Repeat the procedure for each patch removed. Rinse the foot well with lukewarm water, or use a hot towel to remove the rest of the product for an even more comforting treatment. 

Step 4

Moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

To complete the treatment, apply the After Care Moisturizing Cream to the foot. We recommend repeated use of this cream every evening by the client to guarantee an optimum lasting effect. We have 75ml bottles of Aftercare Cream for your clients to take home. If necessary, this treatment can be repeated once a month without risk. All the products used in the De Si Jolis Pieds treatment are guaranteed paraben free. 

Only 4 steps, 15 minutes, to give your clients the soft, smooth feet they have been looking for. Here is a before/after photo of the treatment by Yumi Feet artist @alizee_johana on Instagram. Just look at that difference!


If you have been thinking of adding a service to your salon, think no more. Yumi Feet is the service you need. It’s quick, cost effective, and easy to get the best results. If you haven’t been thinking of adding new service to your salon, we know after everything you’ve just read above, that you now want to, so go ahead and contact us for more details. Email us info@probeautygroup.com, Whatsapp us +971 52 746 9506, or call us at +971 4 770 7584. 

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