We all love a good mascara, who doesn’t? There are so many different kinds of mascara in the world today, but how do you know which one is the right one for you? Yumi Lashes has come out with 3 different kinds, each for a specific purpose, and each with amazing ingredients and results. In our blog today, we will go through each mascara, what it consists of, and what it is used for/does for your lashes. After reading this, you’ll want to toss aside all mascaras and just use these for the rest of your life! 

1. Yumi Keratin Restore Mascara 

The Yumi Keratin Restore Mascara is the newest formula to the Yumi line. Originally, it was the Yumi Keratin mascara, but they took that one, gave it a makeover with some added ingredients, and re-launched it so it’s even better than before! This mascara was formulated to help restore your eyelashes to their natural health. If you’ve had lashes damaged or dry out, this is the perfect treatment to get them back to that healthy, natural state. 

Packed with Keratin, the Yumi Lashes Keratin Restore Mascara was formulated to assist deeply hydrating the lashes.

  • Restorative and fortifying mascara, keratin based
  • Nourishes deeply and strengthens lashes
  • Restructures the eyelashes

Apply each morning allowing 2 to 3 minutes to dry.

It stimulates, repairs and strengthens the eyelashes. Keratin gives shine and flexibility to the eyelashes while hydrating them deeply.

Fixing texture to restructure eyelashes every day.

2. Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum

This is by far the most popular mascara. The ultimate nourishing mascara made in France, the Yumi Nourishing Biotin Serum is a healthy, natural serum that is made to help strengthen, thicken, and lengthen your eyelashes.

  • Nourishes and deeply moisturizes
  • Strengthens lashes from the inside
  • Stimulates eyelash growth

Using Advice:

Use serum mascara on clean lashes every night for longer, stronger lashes.

Contains GHK tripeptide, naturally present in the human body that promotes healing and reconstruction of eyelashes.

Guaranteed results with 3 times more volume, eyelashes up to 43% longer and 40% thicker in just 15 days. Let me just repeat that in case you missed it: 43% LONGER and 40% THICKER in 15 DAYS! How amazing is that?

Soft and light texture.

3. Yumi IT Perfect Black Mascara

The Yumi IT Perfect Black Mascara instantly gives more volume, length and curl to your Yumi Lash Lift! Fierce black in color, this will add depth to your lashes and give you the look that you’ve been craving with every black mascara you’ve tried. We guarantee your black mascara search will be over as soon as you use this one.

Mascara It Perfect, an intensely black formula for extreme lifting, curing, and lengthening of every single lash.

  • Instantly Lifted Lashes
  • Extreme Curling Effect
  • Spectacular lashes, super volumized
  • Long lasting up to 8 hours

Extra volume guarantee with the soft and luxurious brush that glides on the lashes to bring natural lash-lengthening effect and impressive long-wear. 

No matter what condition your lashes are in, we have the perfect mascara for you. Whether you’re looking to make your lashes healthier, or make them longer & thicker, or just add some instant depth, length, and curl to your lashes we have what you need.

These mascaras were created by lash experts who know the eyelashes inside and out and what they need. These three mascaras are perfect for any type of lash, and will not only make them look fabulous, but will nourish and take care of them as well.

Whether you’re a lash professional and want to sell these to your clients, or someone looking for just a single tube of mascara, we can help you out. You can see all our mascaras and other retail items here.

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