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Yumi Foot Callus Remover Patches

Yumi Foot Callus Remover Patches

Yumi Feet callus treatment is simple and quick way to treat and remove calluses. Includes 2 individually packed patches adaptable to the foot size. Each patch is filled in with a effective callus removal lotion which actions on calluses in only 15 minutes.

Made of 2 separated patches in two sachets, the treatment can be applied on all the foot or only on the heels (the patch can be cut easily). Each patch is impregnated with a lotion acting on the calluses in just 15 minutes.

Perfect add on to your foot spa and pedicure.

Wearing protective gloves, apply the De Si Jolis Pieds patches directly on the calluses. Attention, make sure to fold up the patch under the foot. The patches must be held in place for 15 minutes and wrapped in cling film to optimise the effect of the treatment