Gentle Adhesive Remover
Gentle Adhesive Remover

Gentle Adhesive Remover

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Are you seeking a gentle solution for pain-free eyelash extension removal? Look no further than our Gentle Adhesive Remover, meticulously formulated with sensitive eyes and skin in mind. Bid farewell to discomfort and irritation during lash extension removal with this specially crafted remover.

Key Benefits:

  • Gentle Formula: Our remover features a gentle formula tailored for individuals with sensitive skin and eyes, ensuring a comfortable removal experience.

  • Low Odor: Experience removal sessions without any overwhelming chemical smells, as our remover boasts a low odor profile, enhancing comfort during use.

  • Effective Adhesive Dissolution: Despite its gentle nature, our remover is highly effective at dissolving eyelash extension adhesive, making removal a breeze without causing irritation.

  • Cream-Type Consistency: With its cream-type consistency, our remover is easy to apply, providing optimal coverage to ensure thorough adhesive breakdown.

  • Ideal for Professionals: Designed with salon professionals and lash artists in mind, our Gentle Adhesive Remover is a must-have addition to your toolkit for efficient and pain-free lash extension removal.

How to use:

Our Gentle Adhesive Remover is intended for use by salon professionals and lash artists seeking a gentle solution for sensitive clients.

  1. Generously apply the remover to the bonded lash extensions, ensuring it surrounds each extension without touching the skin on the eyelid.
  2. Allow the remover to set for 10-15 minutes, allowing it to effectively dissolve the adhesive.
  3. Once set, gently slide off the extensions using a microbrush or tweezer.
  4. After all extensions have been removed, wash the lashes and eyes with lash shampoo, ensuring thorough rinsing for a clean finish.

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