Volume Lash Expert Glue Trays 5pcs - Lashbox LA
Volume Lash Expert Glue Trays 5pcs - Lashbox LA

Volume Lash Glue Trays

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Unleash the full potential of your lash extension services with our innovative Volume Lash Glue Trays, a game-changer for lash artists striving for perfection in the volume technique. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, these trays feature special recesses to meticulously control glue levels, facilitating the creation of flawless fans every time. Reusable and easy to clean with acetone, this tool not only enhances your lash application process but also contributes to an environmentally friendly practice. Sold in packs of five, these trays are equipped with 12 perfectly-sized wells for single adhesive drops, ensuring optimal glue usage and fan formation.

Key Benefits:

  • Controlled Glue Usage: Special recesses in each tray help maintain the right amount of glue for perfect fan creation.
  • Faster Fan Building: Designed to speed up the process of building lash fans while allowing for adjustments at the base, using the edge of the walls.
  • Reduced Glue Fumes Exposure: Helps keep lash artists safer by minimizing exposure to glue fumes during the application process.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made with materials that can be easily cleaned with acetone and reused, reducing waste.
  • Optimized for Professional Use: Each tray is designed to facilitate a smooth, efficient lash extension application, making it a must-have for professionals.

Intended for the dedicated lash artist, our Volume Lash Glue Trays are the perfect addition to your toolkit. Whether you're applying lash glue extensions or working with the most delicate eyelash extension glue, these trays offer a level of precision and convenience that elevates your work. The unique design not only ensures the perfect glue quantity for each application but also supports the creation of uniform and stunning lash fans, significantly enhancing the quality of your lash services.

By incorporating our Volume Lash Glue Trays into your lash extension procedures, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a solution that streamlines your workflow, improves safety, and contributes to sustainability. Elevate your lash extension artistry with trays designed to match the high standards of today's lash professionals. Sold as a pack of five, these glue trays ensure you're always prepared to deliver exceptional results with every lash service you offer.

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