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In facial therapy, Cryo Globes stand out as a recent innovation, offering the dual benefits of facial massage and cryotherapy.

Our course teaches students on the scientific advantages of Cryo Globes in enhancing lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, and enhancing blood circulation in a therapeutic manner using our massage techniques.

This training program explores both the theory and practical applications of the Cryo Globe treatment.

Included within the online training:

  • Product Presentation
  • Manual
  • Professional Kit
  • Theory
  • Video Demonstration
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ongoing support

You will receive a kit valued at $220 as part of your training.

Visit the link below to see all items included in your training package.

Cryo Globe Kit

On completion of the Cryo Globe training, you will:

1. Understand the core knowledge of the Cryo Globe treatment.

2. Relate the Anatomy & Physiology of the skin to the Cryo Globes.

3. Relate the beauty therapy basics to the Cryo Globe treatment.

4. Understand the health & safety principles of the Cryo Globe treatment.

5. Complete a safe and effective Cryo Globe treatment.

Upon registration for a course, individuals are automatically accepting our Terms and Conditions.

  • Before purchasing one of our courses, you need to ensure that your state/country allows you to become sufficiently licensed in order to perform the procedure, according to local legislation, which would vary between states and countries.

  • All paid online courses fees are non-refundable.
  • Let us know if you are struggling or need any extra help to complete your course.

  • Understand that all provided material is copyrighted and any documents, manuals, information is non transferable.
  • Taking this course, does not entitle you to teach others in Glow & Skin techniques or to re-sell any material or intellectual property.
Cryo Globes Starter Kit
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Cryo Globes Course

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